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Searching for happiness ~ VIP Message:

I recently changed jobs to pay off mounting debts. Honestly, I was unhappy in that old job. I’m finding it hard to pay off the debt and wonder if I’m even on the right path for me. I feel like I’m always searching for happiness. Thanks, Dee

The pursuit of happiness is a soul searching question.

Dee, your soul is awakening!

The first step towards healing is becoming aware there is a problem.

It’s all good ~ job jumping is the right path for you right now. It’s OK not to settle. Continue searching for a better fit to overcome soul-crushing debt. You don’t want to work any job only to earn a paycheck. You want a career with meaning where you are challenged and achieving long-term goals such as overcoming financial liabilities.

Keep searching because I know you’ll find a happy medium where you accomplish both objectives. I also sense it may take more than ONE job (two at the same time) to reach your financial goals, at least until you climb over the hump and land in a position that turns into a career where you thrive. Your search begins a new life chapter.

This right employer seizes upon your strengths and weaknesses, realizing your full potential. Your career gives you upward mobility, a sense of self-worth, and personal satisfaction while becoming financially secure. As you grow, I also see more responsibility by caring for other people in a management role. When you find yourself on this path, I know that you’ll be able to ascend beyond your financial dilemma.

In the meantime, your financial education is just beginning. You are only repeating a pattern, you know. It would help if you strategized; a plan, budget, and timeline to keep your goal disciplined. I suggest financial assistance from outside sources that can get you on track. Start with the following FREE sources;

Federal Trade Commission

NFCC (non-profit)

ALSO, it wouldn’t hurt to invite otherworldly support, angels (any deities that you believe in), to help assist you in making your dreams come true. Pray, affirm, and or intend daily 🙂 in the present tense, out loud if possible, the following statement;

I am grateful to be DEBT FREE doing what I love in a satisfying career!

FOCUS ON WHAT YOU WANT! Indeed the pandemic isn’t helping your mounting debt issue; however, I believe it was a problem preCOVID. Spending is not the key to happiness ~ or fill the hole in your soul. Spending, if not monitored, can fall into addiction, similar to alcohol or food. The food, drink, and the spending isn’t the problem. The problem is something more profound. Addictions manifest to avoid dealing with up close and personal issues ~ because it is emotional work. It’s easier to mask the problem that gnaws away at your spirit by seeking bandaids that give temporary relief but don’t offer soul seeking solutions.

For you, I have the impression it goes far back into childhood and dealing with a parent. Therefore, it is a trending pattern in adulthood relationships. You need resolution. Get at the root cause of the issue, and I believe the money problem will begin to take care of itself ~ because you make yourself a top priority. Maybe it is time to seek out professional counseling to go soul exploring.

And or try 12 Step Spenders Anonymous Group(s) ~ find one in your area or start one;

I sense that someone in your family gambled (and or yourself) to confirm my message.

I recommend reading ANGEL MESSAGE; LIGHT

From one person who achieved this goal two times in my life, I know you’ll get to the bottom of this, Dee, one day at a time!

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