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Angel Message for week 4/27 ~ Joy: I believe something good is in store for you this week, because I see a few ‘angels of joy’ flying around you in celebration. And they are excited. I feel the vibe of love and a sense of peace too ~ which are all effects of the joy they bestow. These feelings are divine signals that a door is opening for you. Trust, and avoid the head trip, because the heart always knows the truth. They’ll give you the courage to leap towards an opportunity. It is in alignment with your heart’s desire that seems a long time in the making. And this message pretty much sums up April (per April Angel Message). I used to play a viola and one of my fav pieces to play was Beethoven’s ‘Ode to Joy’ , which comes to my mind as I write this message for you. I know you’ll recognize it if you heard it…Love this flash mob piece where a symphony appears playing this joyful music! It still gives me chills when I hear it ~ Ode to Joy’ at:
Keep me posted! Bless, LL
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