Angel Message for week 4/20 -Communication: There are a series of angels connecting via the phone lines. Specifically, I see four (but that doesn’t mean there aren’t more hovering!). However, they are governed by the ‘angel of communications’, who is visiting you this week to connect with other people either by phone and/or in a social setting. She will help you open your heart to be a bit more compassionate than usual. This may help you to listen more than talk, which will help clear matters of any miscommunication, especially involving certain sensitive folks! But miscommunication can happen anytime when more than one person is involved, so be easy on yourself too because there was never any ill intent. IF you find it difficult, invite the ‘angel of communications’ into your sacred space to help you convey messages, clearly and understood heart-to-heart. It works! Keep me posted. Bless, LL

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