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VIP Question from Cami: Can you give me any recommendations to find clarity in my work (life situation): I would love to go back to the States to pursue a different job, but right now it’s all very confusing. Thank you. Cami

Medium Laura Lee: Dear Cami, Confusion is simply noise that drowns out that small voice guiding you. Some of that noise may include ‘obligation’, ‘guilt’, and ‘responsibilities’ that are put upon you from others, which may include family (some), employer, and a friend too. Everyone has their own agenda. Nonetheless, you may have chosen to embrace some of those agendas as your own. And that makes it unclear to hear your own voice. I sense you need quiet time (‘silence is golden’) to clear out the clutter.  Maybe meditate, or go sit/walk somewhere, uninterrupted, where you can think, and shut off the noise to listen to that small voice within you.
That voice, your guidance, comes from your heart. It always knows. You may even feel its pull: ‘love to go back to the States.’ Love is always the way of the heart. This tells me that you already know what to do, but you haven’t taken the step because of what others want for you. Also for fear of doing it alone (but you are never alone :-), dealing with something/someone painful from the past (confronting those emotions again, which is healing :-), and financial restraints are just of a few of the road blocks you put up for yourself. You’ve made this move before, when you felt younger and more carefree, but you can do it again…only now, you’re a bit older, wiser, and can make better decisions for yourself this time around.
No one can make you happy but you. No one can decide the life you are meant to live, but you. Life is short, so live it.
Also, I sense a female smoking alone. It makes them feel sick. I don’t know if this is you, and or someone around you, from the spirit world, who liked to keep it a secret from others in order to avoid ridicule, but smoke keeps one from seeing the truth in matters too (metaphorically and literally). It keeps them from taking the time to look deeply at why they do the things they do and avoid their call. I’m told this information will help confirm the message.
You may also want to read the ‘Angel message for July: Education and or cut/paste url into browser:
Hope this helps. Keep me posted. Bless, LL

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