Day: July 13, 2015

Find clarity

VIP Question from Cami: Can you give me any recommendations to find clarity in my work (life situation): I would love to go back to the States to pursue a different job, but right now it’s all very confusing. Thank you. Cami Medium Laura Lee: Dear Cami, Confusion is simply noise that drowns out that …

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He called

Message of Love from Peggy: My (former) second husband’s cell phone called our landline: I heard him tell me that he loved me. And this happened after he had passed over. This wasn’t the first time for this to happen. My first (former) husband’s phone did the same thing. He called our telephone number, without a …

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Angel Message for wk 7/13 ~ Release: The ‘angel of release’ is waving goodbye to all her students riding away on a school bus. I understand that this message is in part of an overall theme to the angel message for the month of July: Education ~ a lesson you’ve finally learned (go back and …

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