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Haunts my dreams

VIP Question from Tracy: My ex and I have been divorced now for nearly 13 years, yet he haunts my dreams: Not in a bad way, but as if we are still together and never split up. We don’t even stay in contact nor communicate, so I don’t understand the frequency of my dreams. He’s remarried, with 2 children, for about 12 of years now. I admit, that in the past I thought I had made a mistake by divorcing, because I thought our love would last forever. However, now I don’t have any regrets about the divorce. In fact, I’ve moved on and planned a new life with another man. Can you give me any insight?

Medium Laura Lee: Dear Tracy, having frequent dreams or daydreams about an ex is common. This doesn’t mean that you are supposed to get back together, but that you still have unresolved matters to deal with now. Usually when the past resurfaces, it is the subconscious trying to heal and or clear the past so that you can move forward ~ now. My first instinct is that you may have fear moving forward, planning, your new relationship and having it succeed in the future. It maybe blocking you from putting both feet in and making a commitment. Your expectations of ‘our love would last forever’, were not met and you fear that it can happen again. Fear is an acronym for: Failed expectations appearing real. Love is forever. You can still love someone from your past, but know it was best for you both to have moved on due to personal and spiritual growth. And your heart has room to grow and share love with another person. Let the pass go by blessing the thoughts, dreams, about your ex. Then thank the heavens for helping you release the fear and restoring your heart with love to embrace the future with your new life partner (or say something like this every time the thoughts/dreams cross your mind). Do this every time and you’ll neutralize the fear and open the heart to love a new.
I believe there is a father figure associated with your ex, who appreciated you like a daughter, that is watching over this situation which gave me the above insights. I see that his family was military ~ and/or yours too? In fact, he claims you have seen him ~ or he’s come to your thoughts in recent weeks too. I believe he is helping you move forward, because you deserve to be happy. Keep me posted!
Bless, LL


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