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Angel Message for July: The ‘angel of education’ will come to you this month to teach a lesson. It seems that this isn’t the first time this lesson has been taught, because this angel shares you’ve seen it several times in the past. A refresher course is necessary, because you weren’t paying attention. I hear Pink Floyd, ‘I don’t need no education’ 🙂 Are you thinking, ‘who me?’ ~ right now?! The jest of this message is that it’s as if you’ve turned a blinds eye in the past and/or may have thought to yourself that it was no big deal, or you’re too good: Other than seeing your role in the play, your ego blames everyone and everything else for your past. This isn’t to scare you, of course, because there is no judgement. But this go around, you’ll get it ~ because it just isn’t necessary to repeat. It’s time to grow and move on. This gentle reminder this month is to pay attention and listen to your instincts: 99.99999% of the time, they are right. This angel claims that the turn of events are a blessing and you’ll see why when it unfolds, because you finally learn the lesson this month. Keep me posted!

Bless, LL

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