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VIP question from Marcy: Do you foresee my transition to the new job/company being joyous and guided by an overall spirit of love and happiness or will this transition be full of difficulties, negativity and/or other unfortunate challenges that would otherwise steer me off course from life’s destiny?
Medium Laura Lee: It depends on your mindset going into the job Marcy. Are you going to cling to ‘fear’ or be open to the expression of ‘love’? We have the power of free will; Choosing love over fear is up to you, controlled only by you, and not by someone else. Fear is the ‘unknown’ territory yet to be explored. Love is ‘openness’ to the opportunities that come into expression for you to grow. To make better sense, there is an old native American tale that I am guided to share with you called;
 TWO WOLVES ~ you may have heard of this parable?! 
When you first heard about the job opportunity, you were excited, you went for it…trust that feeling! Feed into it. That was inner guidance…your intuition. It’s only when we start to think, analyze too much, rationalizing away our initial gut feeling ~ this is when we get into trouble. You feel safe at the existing employer, the environment and the people surrounding you, because it is the ‘known’ territory ~ it is easy to cling to that experience tightly, because there is a sense of everyday security. You know what to expect on any given day. Anytime we step out onto the edge, it can be scary. This is totally normal. This feeling is fleeting, only temporary, and soon you’ll find yourself flying ~ literally. Embrace the new opportunity, however, short or long the experience, realize that EVERYTHING happens for a reason. Nothing is wasted time for there is always something to learn from an experience to help you unveil your truth….see more of yourself and what you want from life. You’ll understand more once you make the next step.
To confirm my message, I sense a fatherly figure, on other side, who guides you. He’s close at heart (may even had heart trouble ~ high blood pressure). You looked up to him (figuratively/literally :-). There is also a military connection. I see a spirit animal too, dog, in your space, could be on the other side and or physical world too (?).  This spirit teaches you how to be a ‘best friend’, ‘loyal’, and ‘unconditional love’ ~ for you to manifest that in your relationships, you have to own this for yourself! 🙂 Trust. Bless, LL

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