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VIP question from Anne: I am very worried about my 20 year old son, Tori. He seems lost, angry, and immature. A lot has happened to him in the past year and I’m sure this is part of the reason for his struggle.  I’m so worried he’s going to do something stupid and end up in jail. Do you see him turning his life around anytime soon, and starting to live like a normal human being? Please help, but, no need to sugar coat ❤️ Anne

Medium Laura Lee: Despite Tori’s immaturity, he is an adult. While I do not blame you for worrying about your son, Anne, as that is a mother’s plight ~ You have no control over what he says or the manner he behaves. The only thing you can control is you ~ and how you respond to Tori. I sense he is grieving over a loss, which makes me believe why he is in the ‘anger’ stage. From what I know about grief, I find people go through the phases differently, at different times, lengths and manage it in their own manner (medicated ~ by self or traditionally), which is why you are witnessing some of his misguided behavior. I also believe that the decisions he is making now is that he is young and learning…and it is a natural part of growing up into an adult and/or a man. This may include reckless behavior, exploring substances (alcohol, maybe recreational drugs ~ I also see smoke hover around him, keeping things unclear ~ losing direction) and activities (I sense stealing), that may harm him emotionally, mentally and physically. Again, some of the risks he takes is to find his way through the muck and why he lacks any sort of direction right now. He hasn’t found out who he is…and that’s what the 20’s are all about.My recommendation, as a mom, and to all clients who worry about a child (young or even for adult child) is to send love and light over the son/daughter to keep them protected and wish them well ~ because, again as parents, we can’t always be there to help nor control everything. Here is an exercise that I find works: I welcome the angels of light into Tori’s sacred space (see the light from the heavens beam upon him as he stands strong in this light) and keep him from all harm; emotionally, mentally, and physically, and guide him to a happy, healthy, prosperous, and long life. Help him see life’s miracles, blessings and wonders daily. Or you can add/delete whatever words come from your heart ~ Do this exercise daily before going to bed and rising for your day, plus anytime you feel the ‘fear’ in your heart for Tori. Visualize it, EXPECT IT and hold it for them until he is able to rise to the occasion. Even then, continue the prayer 🙂 because every normal human being has good and bad days! Remember, that all we need to do is ask and a door opens ~ it is answered. Maybe not in the manner we’d like for it to happen, but trust it is done in a way for Tori’s life to be truly transformed for the best. IF not now, later…so be patient, be vigilant, and mindful that your kid will live up to your expectations, so expect the best for your son ~  rather than expecting that he’d end up in jail. And even if he does, this may help him curtail his behavior. But again, I don’t believe this is what want for your son ~ so have faith in his ability to rise above the fray! To confirm the message: I have another male, patriarch, that I sense near by, who holds the same name as ’Tori’ ~ He guides over your son which maybe indicative of ’Tori’s” behavior. He too may have participated in similar activities, misguided behavior at one point, but climbed out later in life. A woman helped him snap out of it, which maybe the case for Will too. While writing this message, I saw a DUI ~ and it is/was intended to help one slow down and think things through. I also sensed a connection to Will/You in Arizona. Not sure how these are connected, but they popped up while writing you. Keep me posted ~ wishing you all best! LL

Response from Anne: OMG you were so right on with everything, Laura…Most happy from your response, I hope that eventually he will be ok. I surround him EVERYDAY with the white light of the Holy Spirit and hundreds of angels to keep him safe and protected from harm and danger. So I guess I’m doing the right thing. Thank you again for all of the info and help ❤️ Anne

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