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Messages of Love from Linda: I believe in angels. When I spot something ‘angel’ like, such as a sign, figurine, pictures, jewelry, feathers or the even when someone says or is named ‘angel’, I feel as if my angels are watching over my path ~ as if they had brought me to that moment in

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I forgive

Messages of Love Story by Alexandra: My ex and I have agreed on divorce terms, which is a great relief.  When I went to pick up our kids this morning I could sense he was emotional. I turned to him and said thank you for working with me to get a settlement (after 3 1/2 years

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More positive

Messages of Love Story from Bill: I always try to cancel things out, that don’t appear good, with something more positive. I was in bed a couple years back when I saw a talk dark shadow with white eyes. I was numb all over. Every inch of my body was paralyzed. I just felt sad

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I loved her

Message of Love from Allen: My neighbor lady that we called Aunt Nanette (appeared to me) when I was asleep. She woke me up. (She) stood by my bed and told me she died. She was wearing a blue dress. Aunt Nanette told me to have my mom and dad check on her in the

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Message of Love Story from Leanne: I had a very weird dream. There was a white haired lady who kind of looked scary in a long robe who was watching over me. I stayed away from her because she looked kind of scary…like the mad hatter. LOL Anyway, there was another person, who I could tell

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Message of Love from Lynn: I listen to music and I find it very healing. I will wake up with a certain song spinning in my head. It inspires me, because if I pay attention to the lyrics that I hear, a lot of times it corresponds with a situation that I’ve been contemplating. For

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He called

Message of Love from Peggy: My (former) second husband’s cell phone called our landline: I heard him tell me that he loved me. And this happened after he had passed over. This wasn’t the first time for this to happen. My first (former) husband’s phone did the same thing. He called our telephone number, without a

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She was joyous

Messages of Love from Maura: My grandmother, who had passed nearly 10 years ago, came to me in my dream last night. I’ve heard that sometimes they look younger, when they appear from the other side, but she looked like a little girl. Obviously, I didn’t know her as a child, but I knew it

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