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Angel Messages for week 3/23 ~ Clarity: I see an angel peering into the distance through binoculars to clearly see the terrain up ahead. The ‘angel of clarity’ is going to visit you this week to give you direction with a sense of clear vision. This inspiration may come as a snapshot through your mind, or a dream, or maybe a vision shared by or with another. This vision will help you see the next step on your path and the preparations (emotionally, mentally and physically) for your journey. This could mean a physical relocation with a home, with a job, or with a relationship and or all combined. It is a welcomed change. In recent weeks, you have prepared for this moment by working on taking good care of your personal space, finding ways to energize and nurture your soul, which allows this angel to appear now. Any previous fear subside, because this vision gives you a feeling of security in ‘knowing’ where you are going now. Keep me posted! Bless, LL

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