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Maintain a calm demeanor despite adverse conditions. It does no one any favors, nor you, to lose your cool and control over any given situation. Your full attention is the only requirement for finding peace. They say the eye of the hurricane (and tornados) is the most tranquil space of any storm. Fierce winds converge towards the center, but can never reach it. The spirit is the most central part of your being. It is by nature, the calmest, most joyful, and loving space in the world. Access your soul by being mindful.

Remain calm by being present with your loved one, a friend (furry companions count too), and or colleague. You automatically release the past and future ‘what if’ scenarios by engaging with persons occupying your company. Your full undivided attention will make a soul connection that may surprise you in wondrous ways. Fully present, your head is in the game to see what has always been right before your very “eye” (of the storm). Right here, right now, is the only place that exists.

Taking care of business or personal obligations can help you stay sane and calm. Fully engage with work, or personal commitments, a hobby you enjoy, and or volunteer where your skills and or talents are most needed. Not everyone can contribute money to a cause, but your abilities are just as valuable. Everyone has a place to serve. If you are blessed to retain employment during this time, give your very best to make a difference so that you feel fulfilled. Otherwise, volunteer where your heart finds meaning during troubled times. If you lost work during this period, trust where your soul guides you. It is for a reason because someone else needs your gifts. Don’t relent, seek until you find a reconnection where you can best serve with purpose.

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