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Energy ~ Angel Message:

You are a source of energy. And how you fuel the mind, body, and spirit, will determine your outlook upon the world. Your daily input directly correlates to your output. Be mindful of your field; who, what, and or where depletes or replenishes your spirit. Where you put your attention can directly affect how you manage a crisis. Lower energy levels can overshadow, and strain your capacity to discern, opportunities in your best interest. Higher energy levels, however, can raise you above the clouds for clarity, quicken response time, and make better decisions. 

Take tender loving care of the body to impact your energy level. You have the control switch to generate power. If you feel out of wack, focus on the basics such as diet, exercise, and rest. Proper nutrition makes all the difference to your world perspective. Avoid overindulging or starving your body from healthy food that makes you feel better. Stay active to generate endorphins that help shift perspectives on a situation. Adequately rest the body, and take breaks, to nourish the brain and increase concentration that wards off adversity. 

Invite people into your ‘sacred space’ that positively impacts your well being. Pay particular attention to your energy around people and or environments where you occupy your time. If you feel week, tired, and anxiety-ridden, these are your spirits cues to excuse yourself and or quietly disappear until you can reclaim your energy. Surround yourself with the people and environments that loving lift your spirit high. 

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