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Angel By My Side

Angel By my side

(Angel’s holiday miracle story) I lived through a car wreck when I was 21. The car in front of me hit their brakes and I hit my breaks. The road was wet and my car hydroplaned and skidded out of control. I hit a telephone pole with the rear end of my car and it spun the car around to where it rolled down an embankment sideways. It rolled two and half times. I didn’t have a seat belt on so I bounced around in the car as it rolled. When it was over, I crawled out the back hatch of the car. I only had a small scratch on my leg from the glass as I climbed out the back window. Then I crawled up the embankment and limped to a house nearby to call my parent to come get me. When my parents arrived, my car was no where to be found. So they asked where was the damaged car was and about fainted when they saw the car was about fifty feet down the side of a hill. You could see it up on its side and the whole underside of the car was visible. I had an Angel By My Side.

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