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Thankful About Spirit

By Terry

11-26-13-ThankfulI need to share an experience that I’m very thankful about spirit. I have been trying to be more open to spiritual messages and energy. An amazing thing happened this morning that makes me feel I am making progress! I opened the newspaper this morning to read that a very dear friend passed last Saturday in New Mexico. While we had drifted apart, we both had a special place in our hearts for each other and always corresponded over the holidays. When she lived here, we worked together and we were great friends. She was someone I always felt very comfortable around. It was always like we had known each other forever. I had no idea she was ill. But, the amazing thing is that on three occasions, in the last two weeks, she has popped into my mind for no apparent reason. Once, I remember thinking why she had not sent a card? I am choosing to believe her spirit was coming to me over recent weeks. While I am shocked and sad at her passing, I feel PEACE knowing we are still in touch spiritually. Thanks for letting me share.

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