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Angel Message: Synthesis


An angel stands below a rainbow. And it is delighted by this positive sign of hope. Whenever a storm is over, rainbows usually appear when the light pierces through clouds. This means that whatever turmoil you were going through in your life, the clouds are parting and light is breaking through for your rainbow to appear. While you might not see a physical rainbow (or maybe you will this week ~ pay attention!), yours will appear with harmonious relations, solutions will be found, and or you will find more support to aid your cause. Whether it is some or more of these elements combined, it is synthesizing on your behalf. Be patient, because it may just turn out better than you expected. That’s because your angel has heard your prayers and they are being answered. Even if your challenge isn’t fully resolved and or the solutions don’t meet all your expectations immediately, these shifts will bring you more peace regarding past challenges. More importantly, you are moving out of it and moving forward. But, you still have more to learn. Stay alert and be open to the teachers that come into your life while this transition takes place. You are climbing to new heights. Keep me posted. Bless, LL

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