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Angel Message: Courage


February 2014: If you feel like you are dying inside, remaining in the status quo, then you know you have to go beyond the comfort zone. All these are signals from your guidance, so pay attention. This is the month to just do it. Get out of your head (don’t think about ‘how’) and dive in. I see an angel sky dive… and courageously, head first, into unknown territory. That first step, always requires courage to make a move.  If you still can’t seem to muster up the courage to make your move, ASK for courage to move at the ideal time and gave thanks as if you already did it. If making the move feels a bit uncomfortable, but exciting at the same time, you are on the right path. Then you are truly living! In mid-air the angel shifts into a free fall with an open heart, which informs me that you must remain open, flexible and lead with your heart. Angels speak through your heart….this is your guidebook, the ‘how to’, flying manual. Along the way you’ll recognize signs of heaven’s support with gifts from others. When you believe, others will believe in you too. Say to yourself; I believe I can fly.

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