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Angel Message: Simplicity

Angel Message: Simplicity

An angel comes to mind, that is praying for clarity amidst the chaos.This is a point in time where you need to be honest with yourself and shed anything that is inauthentic with your soul (your heart). If something came to your mind, while reading this statement, then trust that is your guidance speaking to you.  Maybe the heavens have already made this happen for you? They cleared your plate, for good reason, so you can keep it real simple when you start moving forward again. Only put things that you love onto your plate (or scrape off those things that leave a bad taste in your mouth). Make the acronym K.I.S.S (keep it simple silly) your motto. Why make things more complicated than they really are….the truth is ridiculously simple. Start by writing down your priorities for the year by listening to that small voice that has been nagging at you. And invest 80% effort into that top 20% of your list. If you do, the angel reveals dancing upon fruit, nearly falling from the sky, from your labor of love.  And that your new ‘simplified’ approach, stripping down to the real you, will reveal your real purpose in life.

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