Angel Message: Play


PLAY! You so want life to be easy, carefree and playful…if only you were just ‘graced’ with such a good life? Right? But you are already graced! Celebrate it! Besides being human, you are a spiritual, divine, being at the highest order. You can choose to have an easy, carefree and playful lifestyle. I see an angel, at play, kicking around a ball in the sun…and the angels ask you to integrate play into your life now. No matter where you are, try bringing more play into work, home, into relationships (family, friends, partner, and children) even bring play while you are at the grocery store (hop on a cart and roll it through the isles!). I think of that movie with Tom Hanks in ‘Big’ ~ the little boy who grew into an adult body but was still a boy. There is that little boy or girl within you that still needs that outlet of play, so at the end of the day you rest with a smile on your face (or giggling about something that happened) knowing you had a 10 out of 10 day. And that you gave it your best. The angel opens its arms to the light being eternally grateful. You’ll be more happy about life…your life. Then you’ll understand grace works through you. Keep me posted. Bless, LL

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