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Angel Message: Enthusiasm


Enthusiasm ~ I see an angel standing bundled with scarf, hat, gloves in snow but is also waving a little white flag as if to embrace the change of season (that might be a literal message for some of you in snow 🙂 but, the change of your personal season too. Like it is going to happen, with or without you trying to change it…it just is. The angel picks up a book to read more about the situation, which means that it might require you to study about it by simply talking to others to understand what is happening or investigating other resources (online or books) for more information to help you process what you are going through on a mental, physical, emotional level. This will help you feel okay and more open about the new season to come to pass ~ and you may see the humor in it too. IF so, that is the way heaven helps you make light of the change to come 🙂 Keep me posted. Bless, LL

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