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Angel Message: Trust

Angel Messages-Trust

Trust ~ To build trust with others, we have to demonstrate we trust by extending a hand (or metaphorically, our heart) in situations. I see an angel cautiously approaching a skittish unicorn to feed. Unicorns symbolize a few things; innocence, clear vision, and powers of perception way beyond limited senses of material realm. So if you have a relationship in your life that you sense requires building (or rebuilding) mutual trust, please trust that inner guidance to proceed, because there is a higher purpose than you can perceive on material realms for you to bridge that gap. It may require you to forgive some previous behavior in order to restore this relationship. Albeit, a new dynamic will emerge in this relationship, that will be unlike the old dynamic. That is because you’ve both grown from experience. You’ll discover it advantageous to reestablish this union for you’ll find a long-term ally that was always there for you. Keep me posted. Bless, LL

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