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Angel Message: Honesty

Angel Message - Honesty

Honesty ~ with self! An angel stands gazing in a mirror. Something heavy has been weighing (literally perhaps? or figureatively something is resting upon your heart) on you. You know what it is, but its time you come clean with yourself and acknowledge your role. Look to your higher self. The angel begins walking a tight rope ~ easily balancing. When you come back to your center, take responsibility for what is happening in your life, it is easier to restore balance. The angel proceeds forward across tight rope, baby stepping across, and looks delighted to reach the other side. And then someone hands them a baby which brings so much joy to the Angels face! The baby maybe part of the angels motivation to get to the other side. But, I believe the message here is to say that by moving forward, no matter how slow, will build your confidence the closer you get towards your goal. But, the real reward isn’t that you obtain the goal, but that you”re slowly birthing a new aspect of self that wants to emerge. Keep me posted. Bless, LL

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