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Alarm signals

Alarm signals ~ Message of Love Story by Jordan:

My friend and I have been working from my house since quarantine started. She didn’t want me to be alone, and I have more room for work than in her place. 

Anyway, yesterday around 4 pm, the house fire alarm started going off. Not beeping like a bad battery, but full-on “Houston we have a problem” warning signal (the alarm is hard wired to the house). Of course, the first thing we did was check the rooms and all were clear. So I get on a step stool and press the button to stop it. Five mins later it goes off again. And then a few minutes after resetting the button, it happens ~ again. After this goes on several more times, I called my best friend’s fiancé to see if he could help us figure out what the problem was.

He came over right away, and after looking at it, he said that one of the wires became disconnected. It was old and needed a replacement. To be safe, though, he did what he could to fix it until I could replace it. He tested it, and it worked fine. Fifteen minutes after he left, it started up again. Then the test button stopped working. I had to wiggle the unit loose from the ceiling to get it to stop.

I went back to my computer, noticing it was after 5 pm and that I hadn’t heard from my realtor about closing on my new home, so I texted her. The thought crossed my mind that maybe my mom or dad was trying to remind me to call her with the alarm signals. I mentioned this to my friend.

After sharing my thought openly, the alarm started going off, but this time it was a shorter chirp that stopped and repeated every couple of minutes. I’m thinking, ‘tonight is going to suck!’ My friend said, “your fire alarm has dementia!” Then there was a loud noise, a bang, and whirl like a massive engine grinding to a halt came from the other end of the house. My friend and I looked at each other. She said, “Jordy is that you?” (Jordy is my dad’s name) The bang happened again!

My dad died of dementia six years ago. I know dad would be getting more pissed at my real estate agent’s lack of communication about my house closing delay. I’m convinced it was him.

Right then, my agent called. She said my house closing wasn’t going to happen. By this point, it was too late to cancel the movers without a significant fee. Another bang and then the fire alarm chirped one last time. Everything has been silent ever since!

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