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Witnessed a miracle

Witnessed a miracle ~ Message of Love Story by Moody:

When I was about 12, my father used to race street stock cars for fun. One night his car was sent rolling three times, and he broke his neck. He was placed in the hospital to have surgery fix the damage knowing that he may wind up being a quad. After many months of rehabilitation in the hospital, they allowed him to come home for a visit. That night my dad saw what he termed was an angel. He tried to wake my mom, but she was sleeping deeply; he kept saying, “mom, the docs are here.” At this point, he was unable to use the restroom on his own and had to use a catheter. The following morning he used the bathroom, on his own, and it was a clear sign for the entire family that he would be okay. My dad told me this story many times. I didn’t realize at the time that we witnessed a miracle. He healed with wires and pins in his neck, but he could continue his work with the Navy. 

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