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4th of July birthday!

Message of Love Story by Lucy: Laura, I had to write to let you know how right on you were about the baby coming early and being born in July. His due date was August 1st. I don’t get why he decided to come early? LOL! It was so ironic that I had a dream Monday night that I was pushing an empty stroller and trying to shop for items that I needed for the baby. I was rushing! When I woke up Tuesday morning, I called my husband on my way to work to tell him about my dream and also told him that I thought that the baby was going to be born this weekend. My dream felt real. The same day, I was having lunch in my office and listening to you on the radio. My son called to tell me that his wife was dilated to 5 centimeters and that the baby was going to be born that day. Crazy! I left work immediately! Of course, baby Michael was in no rush to come out on July 3rd, he wanted to have a 4th of July birthday! He was born at 1:14 am, July 4th 2012, weighing 6 pounds and 12 oz. He’s a healthy little boy and he’s my little peanut. I was in the delivery room when he was born and as soon as he came out I took one look at him and I couldn’t believe how much he resembled my son when he was a newborn. It was de ja vu. I’ve attached a photo of Michael Alexander, taken a few minutes after his birth. I’m in love 🙂

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