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July 1, 2014


Share your most memorable firework moment and SAVE 50% off your next reading! Simply go to my FACEBOOK page: Psychic Medium Laura Lee and write to us, in 100 words or less, when you had a ‘fireworks’ moment (under the post: BANG!) that raised your spirit. Maybe it was the first time you saw him/her, […]

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Love you

Julie from Colorado: My 94 year old aunt is in hospice right now and is very close to passing.  I have gone to see her every day this week and she has been progressively declining…her mind as sharp and witty as can be, but the earthly body is failing her.  When I have spent time

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Angel Message for July ~ Integrity: Archangel Michael stands before me in a violet robe emanating a golden light. And I hear the word ‘Integrity’, because he closes his eyes to tune into his inner wisdom. Then, with all his courage, he then leaps off into the abyss 🙂 Surrendering any preconceived ideas or thoughts

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