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Question from Derek/IL: Hey Laura, I had a dream the other night about my mom and she was in her casket. We were carrying her to where she was supposed to be buried. When we got her to where she was to lay to rest, we opened her casket to tell her our last good byes and she talked to me. I told her I loved her and she told me she would come tomorrow. Tomorrow has passed. What does this mean? Is my mom trying to tell me something?

Medium Laura Lee: Derek, dreams are how mediums connect to spirits. Don’t discount your connection to your mom in this dream: She visited you. Basically, sounds like she is informing you that she is waiting for you or will be there for you. And she was with you the following day, ‘tomorrow’….After you had the dream, your thoughts remained on her since ~ as you reached out to me. She was, again, with you! Time has no concept, or meaning, in heaven sense. Thus, tomorrow can mean many years on physical plane. She’ll always be by your side….promise. In the meantime, I hope you are making the most of your life right now and are on the path we discussed on air so many times: go MUSIC man!

Derek’s reply: Yes, thank you for all your help that you have given me. It’s help like yours that has gotten me through the lost of my mom…comforting me like she was still physically here. Thanks again so much!

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