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Thankful: Angel Message for Week. You are inspired and embody a thankful spirit. Being grateful for all that you’ve achieved, all that you had and have, including the people and things in your life, is living abundantly. Gratitude is the key to living a rich life. The universe responds in kind favor, rewarding you with many more blessings. Your cup runs over with increasing support, but increases your demands too.

A thankful soul takes responsibility. Your content knowing the truth that all is provided to meet whatever is required of you. This, in turn, allows you to freely extend body, mind and soul outwardly into the world. You serve others by sharing your gift(s), spreading light and love where darkness reigns.

Pop star Demi Lovato said she was thankful to be alive in her first remarks since an overdose two weeks ago. Demi took responsibility for her behavior and actions, however, owed her recovery to staff at the hospital, her family and fans for their support during this difficult time. She received an outpour of love on social media platforms where she engages over 70 million fans. Read more at

Demi’s light (and example) brings attention to addiction which millions suffer and die from every year.

Being thankful spreads love. Its blessing is cyclical; Love begets more love and appreciation too. Love is a powerful force for attraction ~ fear contracts. Energetically, love propels you forward to achieve great things. Love allows you to fly higher. Demi will rise again, from the love and support of others, just as you will rise up to meet the demands expected of you too. Your grateful nature is recognized and honored by many in return.

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