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Adventure ~ Angel Message:

Make every day a new adventure. You don’t have to cross the world to change the scenery. Shake things up with your schedule. Little tweaks can make a significant impact. Start your day with a new ritual; take a different path to work, try an exercise class, or get your coffee from another shop. Set out an achievable goal for yourself. Or end the day by trying a new recipe for dinner, going to bed earlier, meditate, or designate time to catch up with an old friend. 

Creating an adventure gives life balance. The mundane won’t feel so ordinary anymore. Doing things a different way energizes the spirit.  You can make new social connections, learn something new about yourself,  or inspire you to go another direction. Getting out of your comfort zone keeps you growing. It can empower your body, mind, and soul.

Adventure heals the soul. You’ve got a finite amount of time on the planet, make the most of it. Do what your heart beckons you to do now. Pay attention to that small voice within that is a broken record. Don’t wait, primarily if you’ve heard it three times or more.  Your spirit knows how to meet your needs even before you ask.  Making the change is designed to give you a whole new life perspective.

Carson King created his own adventure. He made a sign asking for money to replenish his beer supply at his Iowa State game. He never thought it would take off the way it did on social media and national TV, resulting in more than $67,000. Read ESPN 

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