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My health outlook
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My question is, how is my health outlook due to my age; is there any area I should watch for? Ty Sabrina

Your strength and balance are the first things that grab my attention.

More specifically, take extra care of your lower spine, hips, legs, and feet. Aches, pains, and stiffness unquestionably come with age. However, the intensity and severity can depend on energetic blocks related to ‘feeling’ a lack of support and moving forward in life to embrace new opportunities. It’s scary and challenging to keep going when you’ve had so many losses, and grief can hold you down and back from experiencing your best life. 

I see your parents standing by you on the other side, holding you up.

They share that you hustle and stand on your feet, which is physically, emotionally, and mentally demanding. Any water therapy (pool), light weight training, or stretching with yoga (tai chi), pilates or calisthenics, and meditation (prayer) will help alleviate these blocks (or fears) and help you transition to the next life phase, allowing you to take a less demanding career role that may involve children. When you nurture a child’s spirit, it does your heart and soul good too!

Additionally, staying hydrated can help your balance and flexibility. Add more H20 to avoid lightheadedness, maintain balance, and keep your mind and body agile and flexible with life changes. It will be essential in hotter temperatures. While I’m no doctor, I recommend adding electrolytes to your water or drinking coconut water to keep your energy levels up. Water with electrolytes, sugar-free Gatorade, and coconut water are available at local grocery stores.

Finally, your family in heaven says you need a daily dose of hugs.

Aside from a job, you spend too much time alone, which can majorly impact your health. According to Dr. Kubler Ross, it takes four hugs daily to survive and 12 hugs daily to thrive emotionally, mentally, and physically beyond grief (and with people more than fury friends :-). Consider your hug quotient. Get busy—many exciting changes will come in your new life chapter!

I recommend reading my channeled ANGEL MESSAGE: Trust Your Gut for more insight!

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