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Angel Message for Week: The ‘Angel of Surrender’ waves a white flag. Any chance you’ve heard the song from Cheap Trick ‘Surrender’ ~ These are the lyrics that repeat while I write you this very important message;

Surrender, surrender, but don’t give yourself away
Surrender, surrender, but don’t give yourself away
Surrender, surrender, but don’t give yourself away

This doesn’t mean you give up. Instead, it means that it is important to retain your dignity. Know when enough is enough when someone else crosses the line. Don’t wait for it to fester any longer, because it will only grow worse. Call them out on their behavior immediately. You may have said it already to this person in the past, but the other person isn’t listening. You’ve exhausted all types of strategies to improve the situation, yet they continue to repeat and over step their boundaries ~ and you know it. And it isn’t necessary that you have to hand over everything (like your life) to get something in return, such as respect and courtesy. It’s just that you’ve come to a crossroad where you no longer know what or how to proceed to make the situation better or worse without controlling the dynamics. Give yourself some credit and/or love yourself enough to say, “This is all I can give….” or say the word ‘No’, or even say ‘I cannot endure this longer …” Then trust whatever happens is for the best; hopefully a workable solution appears. If not, then keep on walking. You know what’s right inside. Listen to your heart. Don’t compromise yourself, because if you do, you’ll have no one to blame but you for making the choice. IF this is too scary for you to address with the person, ask for assistance from the heavens. Surrender control before speaking to the other party about this sensitive issue so that grace can intervene. This is how; welcome into your sacred space your angel, guides, or deity (christ, God, Mary, etc) and visualize the white light shine upon you and the other party who stands before you. Give thanks that you share words felt between hearts for healing and growth. See yourselves communicate calmly so that this situation is resolved for the highest good for you both. Then physically exhale love into the situation, towards the other party, as they dissolve in the white light. And it is done. Approach the subject when it feels right.  Welcome your feedback! Bless, LL
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