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Angel Message for Week; The ‘Angel of Play’ is working on you this week to lighten up. Please reread Angel Message for August; Miracles; as this week’s message pertains to the bigger picture. This week is about losing your tight grip on fear; past grievances, anger, sadness and any pain (having bad health too) that bring us down. When our vibe is low, it is hard to witness the miracles in our lives that surround us daily. But, when our vibe is up, you’ll see amazing things happen right before your eyes. When the opportunity arises this week, think twice before bowing out ~ instead join the fun. Remember Tom Hanks in ‘Big’ ~ the little boy who grew into an adult body but was still a boy. There is that little boy or girl within you that still needs that outlet of play; Maybe a child will lead you to play tea, or a video game or you walk by a park; go swing, blow bubbles or hop on the grocery cart and roll with it ~ as long as it brings a smile on your face, you are on the right path. Welcome this Angel in your space this week to let the games begin! Keep me posted. Bless, LL

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