Spirit visitation

Spirit visitation ~ Messages of Love Story by Tim:

My grandfather appeared to me the other evening. He came in a flash. Oddly, I wasn’t startled at all. He was in full physical form with polished white shoes, tan polyester pants, and a knit button-down shirt with an extended collar. The little chihuahua that he loved like his own child was wrapped up in his arms too. He wanted me to pass on a message to his grown son, from an earlier marriage, about his estranged adult children. I felt an urgency to share this information given our pandemic situation, but hesitant about delivering his message for several reasons. One, what if I’m wrong? And second, I had only met this man one time when I was young. Plus, I have never received a spirit visitation like this before now. It was like a mini-movie. Maybe I made it all up? My grandfather was kind to my siblings and me; he wasn’t so with my grandmother (who I saw standing right behind him, but didn’t speak). The family disliked him.

A couple of weeks have passed since his visit, but the idea of reaching out to his son still lingered with me. I eventually made the call, but his son didn’t pick up the phone, and I was relieved. There was far too much anxiety around contacting this man. It is very stressful what you do as a medium. And I realized that I don’t want to be the messenger. If it’s that important for my grandfather to contact his son, I told him to go to his son directly. I only hope that the message was received timely.

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