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Someway, somehow

Someway, somehow ~ Message of Love Story by Leila

Oh, my goodness….I have to share this dream with you. Last night I dreamt that our 3-year-old English Bulldog was at the vet. My husband and I were in the room with the vet. My husband and I were in the room with the vet. She said that RJ needed to be put to sleep because he had heart disease and other things wrong with him. I remember looking shocked and saying, “What…he’s only a puppy!” Then I looked over to my husband and he was tearing up. The vet said that we had an option to put him down now or take him home and it will be 3 years before he passes away, but that our pup will live in pain and eventually pass away in excruciating pain.

I kept thinking to myself how would I tell the kids. I figured my husband would be ok, because he says things about our puppy such as, “I don’t love him as much as Roscoe, he could never take Roscoe’s place.” Then I tell him, “He is Roscoe. Roscoe came back to us.” So I was surprised that in the dream that my husband was hurt and tearing up. I woke up from the dream and later in the day my daughter and I went to walk the dogs. I told her about my dream, and she said, “Don’t say that (about our puppy mom)!” I then told her, “I don’t like this dream either, but that there has to be a reason why I had that dream.” Then she asked, “When did Roscoe die?” I said, “Roscoe died April 15….Oh, wow, that’s why I had that dream!!!” I never forget that day; it was the worst day ever. When we got home, my daughter told my husband, and he was so surprised. He said earlier that day when he fed our puppy, RJ, he saw Roscoe in RJ. It touched his heart so much that he began to cry. He said he had a heart to heart talk with RJ in the garage and thanked Roscoe for sending RJ to us. In my heart, I always felt that RJ is Roscoe. That someway, somehow, he came back to us.

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