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The shawl

The Shawl ~ Message of Love Story by Julie: 

I want to share a story….I wrote on Facebook Saturday morning (February 16, 2019). I was going through a couple of storage boxes last night and I came across a beautiful shawl that a friend crocheted for me for Christmas one year. The first thing that crossed my mind was, ‘What in the heck is this doing here?” And “Why would this be packed away?” It was very peculiar. I have ZERO recollection of “packing” that shawl away in storage. I set it aside and continued going through the box, all the while thinking of my friend. I had not seen her online for some time and it had been awhile since we “checked in” with each other and touched base. I was wondering how she had been doing since her last chemo treatment, how she was feeling, etc.

“I’m going to call Nancy tomorrow.” I thought to myself.

I got up pretty early this morning and checked Facebook – which I rarely do in the morning – and the first thing I saw was a post…posted 1 minute prior…of the announcement that my friend had passed away this morning. I’ve been in shock and disbelief all morning.

Nancy was such a good friend to everyone and a truly beautiful soul…warm, kind, loving, generous, thoughtful, and compassionate. She crocheted the shawl for me because she knew I was always cold and that was her way of looking out for me. And that’s just how she was…always thinking of others. I was looking forward to reaching out to her today and “catching up” on things.

I suppose finding the shawl last night was Nancy’s way of reaching out to me one last time…and looking out for me one last time, too. Until we meet again, my friend. “Godspeed.”

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