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Like ghosts

Like ghosts ~ Message of Love Story by Lisa:

My baby is almost through kindergarten.  She tells me about ghosts in my house all day long.  As I was getting her ready one morning, she asked, ” Do you like ghosts?”  I told her I was fine with them, and she said “Good, because there is one with us now!” …She asked for no toys for her birthday…and wanted to have a cat more than anything.  I get her a cat, and she wanted to name it Bubbles. The big girls told her she couldn’t name it that, it had to have a people name.  Wouldn’t you know that kid picked Randy (my dad’s name) out of nowhere?  I can’t help but laugh as does the rest of the family as you can imagine!  I’m sure he’s (my dad) one of the ghosts in my house, but now he’s a cat, too!

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