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Prosperous ~ Angel Message:

Your hard work is producing prosperous conditions. For most, prosperity means riches. While your financial wealth is improving, good fortune also includes loving relationships, being healthy, and flourishing in your career (or job).  Naturally, not everything is 100% perfect, and it never will be. But you strive towards excellence in all aspects of your life to achieve personal goals. Relax, knowing that your best is always good enough.

Knowledge gives power to a prosperous life. Your quest, as a perpetual student, has created the abundance you now cherish. Keep on learning, growing, and developing into the person, you envision. Like a fine wine, you’re improving with age. Take a moment to appreciate all that you have, how far you have traveled and accomplished to generate more blessings in your life. There is much more yet to come. 

You’re prosperous because of all the blood pumping activity that made you sweat and sometimes made you tear. Your heart has got to want to get up and go when the going gets tough. It’s not always supposed to easy. Waste no time on pitty parties. Everyone has stories of overcoming adversity, defeat and combating thoughts of doubt while making there way in the world.  And don’t think for a moment that they ever did it alone. You haven’t either.  Remember to take time to appreciate those near and dear who support your cause. They are part of the reason you’ve come this far. 

“Tianyi Lu has landed a new orchestral conducting job…” and is now enjoying the fruits of her labor. As a woman, she claims that at every opportunity ‘….you have to be perfect.’ Watch video on BBC

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