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Morning coffee

Morning coffee ~ Message of Love Story by Angela:

I text my friend, a friend who lost her husband years ago, to meet for morning coffee outdoors. When I went to her house to pick her up, a message came to mind. It was, “Thank you for picking up my girl for morning coffee.” When I pulled into her townhouse parking lot area, I saw a tall man with a hat and shades walking a big dog, like a German Shepard. I didn’t pay him any attention while he walked by my car because I was looking down texting my friend telling her I was outside.

After our coffee date, while I was driving her back to her townhouse, she thanked me, and then she mentioned her husband, who passed away, and I told her about the message that came to my mind earlier when I picked her up. And she mentioned how her late husband gave her morning coffee.  Then I asked her who the tall man was with the big dog that lived by her and if he was single (because she talked about dating, etc.). Then she asked me, “What? I would have noticed someone like that! Where did you see him? Which home did he come out of?” I pointed to the area, and she said, “No, that can’t be right, because an African American guy lives there with his kids. I know because we dated.”

I looked at her with a blank look, and then I looked back at the townhome. I saw that the address number to his townhome was 447. My eyes lit up!!!!!! Then I second-guessed myself, and my eyes focused in on the garbage can sitting in front of that townhouse’s garage; it said 447-A on the side of the can in big blue numbers! I knew it wasn’t a coincidence. 447 A Street is my maternal grandmother’s address when I was growing up, and it’s also the time that my daughter was born at 4:47 a.m. I knew it was confirmation that the man I saw walking the dog was her late husband, who passed away and had a german shepherd. She immediately acknowledged that their German Shepard had passed on too, and realized the man I saw was her husband. My message made her cry, but gave her peace.

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