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Message From Heaven

Messaage From Heaven

My grandmother’s name was Armenta. I spent a lot of time with her as a child, especially sleep overs. My grandmother couldn’t speak. She had a stroke when I was really young and never seemed to get over it. She could function in every other way, but had trouble speaking. So we could never hold a conversation. But, it didn’t seem to matter, because our communication was beyond words. It was a pleasure being in her company and I believed she felt the same with me. As a little girl, I’m sure her simple gifts probably helped bridge our worlds to communicate. Every visit, she’d give me a Hershey candy bar that I always gobbled up before my parents returned. Also, she’d give me a silver dollar before I left her too. It was like she rewarded me for our visit. She’s gone now, but she still seems to have ways to let me know she is still with me.

I still reap rewards from our time together, even years later, because she showed me how to communicate beyond words. For instance, I sometimes share my love, her love, by sharing a hershey’s bar with my daughter. Really what girl doesn’t like chocolate? But, I always think of my grandmother when we are in that moment. Another way I know she is making that connection is by reaching out through email. While she passed long before internet and emails were of age, I receive an email message from her time to time. Somehow I got on the list of an education institution named Armenta. I don’t even know how this connection was made, but I don’t think it is a coincidence. How many Armenta’s do you know in the world? Their email subject headers are always labeled in a manner that it feels like it was directed towards me, from her, such as; Merry Christmas, Hope you’re having a good day…and the others were well intentioned messages. I’m sure the Armenta audience may see these emails as they are, messages from the learning academy, but I see them as grandma’s messages of love in emails from heaven. Leah
IF you have a story to share about angels, miracles or messages from your dearly departed (guides), please email it, along with a digital image (if possible), and song dedication to; [email protected]

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