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It Was Love at First Sight

Love at first sight

I met my husband at work. The second I saw him, I stopped in my tracks. All I could say was “I think I’m in love”. Yes, it was love at first sight. I was his country girl and he was my New York Italian. We quickly went from friends to lovers to husband and wife. When we found out that he had a brain tumor it only took a few months for it to claim his life. The first week after his passing I would be awaken at 5am ~ by how hot it was in the house. I would go to the thermostat to discover that someone had moved it up to 80 degrees. The thing that is so weird is I always moved it down to 70 degrees before going to bed, because I love to bundle up under a lot of covers. It made me sleep so soundly. This went on for 5 days/ mornings in a row, every morning I would be awaken at 5am. When he was alive, 5 am was the time he always woke up at…early riser. The only other person in the house besides myself was our 7 year old son. And trust me, there was no way he would have or could have touch the thermostat. So to me this was without a doubt my husband trying to get my attention to say hey, ‘I’m still here, I haven’t left you.’ He was the best. I miss him so much. Thank you Ron for being a part of my life. ~ Julia

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