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Angel Message for Week 11/9: The ‘Angel of Listening’ is helping you tune into your hearts desire this week. The heart is not only an organ that keeps you alive, but it is also a fined tuned instrument for the heavens to guide you ~ a communications tool, to direct you to a more fulfilling life: to live the life you were meant to live. IF your heart emits a warm, loving, tingly sensation, this means go for it, move forward, act now or ‘yes’. Do it immediately without haste, because the window of opportunity presents itself, now. Basically, follow what you love. IF your heart emits a pain, burn sensation, throbbing, along with nausea, it doesn’t always mean that you are having a heart attack, anxiety attack or heart burn. It simply means to hold back, step away, don’t do it now or ‘no’. Our message for the month was that you were going to have courage this month to plunge right into a venture that you’ve been working towards previously. This week, this angel will guide you, through your heart, and give clear direction to manifest. Listen. Sometimes, you have to retreat to our quiet space to clearly hear their directives. This means removing yourself from other people, distractions (phones, computers, work, etc) so that you don’t cross the air waves with another(s) intentions.

We can be given a dream, a vision, or a goal to achieve, that we feel is divinely guided, but we have to take steps for these things to manifest in our lives. Opportunities are placed before us, because we’ve held this dream so long in our hearts, but our angels can’t do the work for us. It is up to us to make the change. Keep me posted. Bless, LL

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