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HEALINGAngel Message for Week 11/16 ~ The Angel of Healing is visiting this week to help you heal a strained relationship with another person(s). This angel will present an opportunity for a meeting and/or healing to occur naturally in your heart to restore it to peace. Now is the time, because your heart has been turbulent regarding this matter for a long while. The aches move in waves. This helps no one, especially yourself who is harmed the most by withholding your feelings ~ the angst in your heart. There is no strength in holding up fronts, but the ego believes it so. It only weakens the soul, thus the body, which can make you ill. Compassion is key; for yourself and for the other person(s). Be open and receptive. IF you can think of a situation, with another person, where you are at odds and desire a healing: Send this person(s) love from your heart. Visualize them in front of you (if you can’t visualize, pretend as if you can ~ it is just effective to send the intent), then tell them all that you wanted to say and then take a deep inhale of love and light through your crown, sending it to your recipient through your heart. Keep sending love and light until you feel peace…and they begin to fade away in this love. Then things will happen spontaneously, effortlessly, and almost immediately. Then pay special attention to your signals to direct you in the desired directions. This angel, in conjunct with the universe, will be obedient to your hearts call and present you a miracle. Keep me posted. Bless, LL

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