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Message of Love Story by Kerry: Artist Anne Kerry Swank’s limited edition Angel watercolor photographs series now hangs in the Vatican, Rome, a twenty-year journey of the artist that began with a morning prayer to God and Divine Inspiration. “Our Heavenly Father asked me to spread his gospel of salvation through the creation of these images of Angels, his Divine messengers, to make celebration of art communicating and inspiring the human heart to yearn for God’s path. God assured me I would be given vision that heaven was watching over this blessed journey, and he would lead me every step of the way.”

The first limited edition watercolor that was received by His Holiness, Pope Francis, and selected for display is “Serenity,” in green tones, number 1/30. It measures 30×40 inches. It represents the Holy Spirit and God’s peace within. The second limited edition watercolor is “Divine Presence” in sepia tone, number 5/50. It measures 35×35 inches and represents the Holy Trinity.

Dr. Donald Lawrence Jolly-Gabriel saw the Angel images, heard Ms. Swank’s story, and acted as God’s vessel to carry them to His Holiness, Pope Francis, at the Vatican. “I am so grateful,” says Ms. Swank “that the Vatican is displaying this art, and delivering the message of Christ.”

“Angels are sent by God to help guide us,” she continues. “With every new undertaking, I pray and ask God to open my vision, guide my hand, and to send an angel to assist. When I choose the colors, an angel guides me. The names come through prayer as well.”

“These images radiate love, hope and joy. God is only a prayer away. Ask in faith. The messengers are sent by God to guide and help us in all ways.”

To contact Kerry Swank about purchasing limited editions of Serenity or Divine Presence:

call 949-395-1069 or [email protected]

Serenity2  Divine

IF you have a story to share about angels, miracles or messages from your dearly departed (guides), please email it, along with a digital image (if possible) to; [email protected]

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