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It was her choice

Messages of Love from Sherri: My cousin had a reading by you, last winter, where you had reached her father (my uncle) on the other side. My cousin was battling cancer at that time. My uncle (her father) had mentioned, in the reading, that she didn’t have to die from cancer and that she had a choice. My cousin could survive cancer and he, her father, would help her heal or that she could choose to leave, Earth, via the cancer. Shortly after your reading, which she shared with a few of us, my cousin made an announcement that she didn’t want to live life battling the disease. Eight months after making that announcement, we buried her after the long fight. I was in the receiving line at the funeral and I said to her husband that I was sorry for his loss. He looked at me and with conviction, said, ‘it was her choice.’ I hope she feels that my cousin made the right choice and that she can rest in peace now.

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