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Fighting for her life

Message of Love from Cathie on 9/ 15: Our family needs our angels to help us get through this awful week. Our baby granddaughter died last Wednesday before she was delivered. And our daughter in law Laura is fighting for her life! Many doctors saved her from bleeding to death. Her liver ruptured and the doctors had no idea until a wonderful angel surgeon was blessed enough to see that it was her liver and not her uterus. We are all exhausted and my son (the father) almost passed out today. We got him home to sleep!  I pray to god that the family has had enough and to PLEASE give us some peace. We can’t even think about our baby until her mother is out of danger. We have not slept in 6 days. We still have the funeral to plan but can’t even think about that until Laura is able. The doctors haven’t seen this syndrome in 40 years. It is called HELLP syndrome and normally the mother dies and the baby lives. I am sending this out there because we can’t take any more sadness…I did get to hold our beautiful granddaughter who was full term and just beautiful …perfect in every way. It was my most precious moment in my life! My daughter in law has suffered enough and we are still worried for her life!  PLEASE pray for us and send angels to give us some peace. Cathie IL

Medium Laura Lee: Oh my, dear Cathie, my heart goes out to your family. I will hold the light for Laura to heal. In the meantime, visualize angels surrounding Laura and placing their healing hands upon her body.  Thank them for sending love and light to restore her body to 100 % health. Continue holding this thought over the fear: No matter how hard it seems, no matter what anyone says, and that includes doctors.  See her awaken as it is done! Have your family join you in the process to strengthen the ‘love’ vibes. A miracle will happen!! Keep me posted!

Sept 18 from Laura Lee: I see her (Laura) showing improvement when I look into the situation. How is she doing on your end Cathie?

Sept 19 Update from Cathie: Laura is showing such good progress. Hoping today is her last dialysis. Her kidneys are slowly coming back. Who would ever think that her peeing would be news to cheer! Her doctors are calling her our miracle. I know she is ours. We all continue to pray. I don’t have the words to express to you the kindness you have showed our family at this tragic heartbreak. She smiled this morning.  Peace Cathie

Sept 20 Update from Cathie: It is a miracle! Laura discharged from the hospital. Praise the angels because Laura is healing so fast. Kidneys working!!  She wanted a cheeseburger from McDonalds for lunch today…I had to laugh! Worst good but she ate a little of it…oh Laura Lee our family has been blessed with miracle. And my son and Laura are ready for their baby girl Hallie’s funeral. They will lay this sweet angel in a beautiful baby cemetery here in Geneva so they (we) can see her anytime. I am crying again, you have truly inspired me to believe in miracles…Peace Cathie

IF you have a story to share about angels, miracles or messages from your dearly departed (guides), please email it, along with a digital image (if possible), and song dedication to; [email protected]

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