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Question from Kate/IL: There is something I can’t seem to shake so I felt I needed to write to you this morning. Last evening, at your Spirit Salon, you said so many things that I feel were supposed to be directed to me.  At first, you pointed towards me and then the lady behind me. For example, you said I have a young male entering that was in an accident (My 22 year old son was killed in an accident, 6 months ago). You then stood up and bent over and said an older male who is walking like this and you mentioned dementia. (You looked exactly like my father who had Parkinson’s disease and suffered from dementia). Then you commented about the strong smell of cigarette smoke. (My mother n law died at the age of 50 of lung cancer. She was a chain smoker). And then during the Q&A at the end with the girl right next to me you said I’m hearing buddy which what was what I said to my son over and over while he was on life support. Maybe I didn’t speak up as loudly as the woman behind me who continued to share many stories surrounding her family but when she responded to you that she was a closet smoker and that her dad died of cancer in the hospital, I just didn’t feel she had as strong of a connection with the knowledge you were being given. Is it possible that it was MY loved ones trying to come through?

Medium Laura Lee: Dear Kelly, Thank you for your kind words.  I’m sorry about the loss of your son, father, and mother. I am also sorry that I didn’t speak to you directly at the Spirit Salon because I can still hear you are grieving. And you are correct that your loved ones are reaching out to you, especially if you felt called to attend the Spirit Salon. And if you felt those messages resonated within you, through others, then they were indeed meant for you as well.  As I briefly mentioned, over the course of the evening, especially after discovering two women with similar connections, on opposite sides of the room, that we are all connected by spirit. This is why we often see cross over communication at group readings. And one reason why I hold these open forums, and perform readings over radio, so that everyone can feel and hear it for themselves how we are all one. And most importantly, that we aren’t alone on our journey. I find that some people can’t always account for all information during their reading, because they are overwhelmed by the experience in the moment. However, I will receive messages from them days/weeks after the connection to confirm facts, such as yours.  When I choose to speak to someone in a room, there are certain characteristics that do line up directly with the individuals that is uniquely their own, but their message may in effect, touch others too. For instance, the father behind you, who was crouched over had the same racial background, as his daughters, and he walked directly behind his girl. She confirmed that she was a closet smoker, as her father always called her out on her bad habit, and this message confirmed his presence to her specifically. This does not discredit the messages you personally received from this reading nor the descriptions that were relevant to your dearly departed. In fact, not only do I believe that it is possible your loved ones were sending you messages too…I know they are present with you too!

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