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November Angel Message
Count your blessings to see you through life’s challenges.

If you can breathe the air, you are blessed. If you can see a smile on someone’s face, you are blessed. If you can feel the warmth of a hug, you are blessed. If you hear the words, “I love you,” you are blessed. If you can say to someone special, “I love you,” you are blessed. All challenges pass in time.

By acknowledging blessings, you welcome grace into your life.

When you only notice trouble, more problems will rein upon you. Change is constant. A lot is happening in the world that is out of your control. Yet, you can control the way you see and react to the world transforming around you. Recognize the good taking shape in the bad to flip the experience around for you.

When you embrace life’s blessings, you radiate beauty.

Life gives you gifts daily, but you have to open your heart to see them. The easiest path to witness that you are blessed is to come back to the present moment. Do this through your breath. Close your eyes for a moment. Take a deep inhale, and then exhale, freeing the past and worries about the future. Do this three times to center yourself. Then open your eyes and notice where you put your attention. Start counting on all the good things in your life to recognize your blessings.

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