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Angel Message for Week 4/7: I am informed that this weeks message expands upon the monthly angel message: Grace, spontaneously going with the flow, especially involving your ability to create. The angels claim there is a project that moves you into the zone where time ceases to exist, because it moves so fast. You feel joy, peace, and feel like giving yourself freely, because you just love creating within this space. I see an angel walk through a gallery and observe different artwork. While the angel is surrounded by art, she is drawn to images that call to her personally. For instance, I see her gasping about a piece she spotted down a long corridor, and overlooks several other pieces of art, simply because she feels the positive energy emitted from the art. This particular piece inspires new ideas and empowers her to create. The point is that she does not waste time spending time in front of all the art, because not all were created equally to move her personally. She is efficient with her time by selecting what feels right and what doesn’t feel so right. This doesn’t mean you have to go to an art gallery to be inspired. Let me also say that this doesn’t mean you have to be a painter, photographer or any type of fine artist. You can see the world around you as your art gallery. Watch what draws your attention, where you feel inspired…what moves you? Allow that energy to take you. Just go with it. Anything that doesn’t move you, just keep on walking. Our time is limited, within this lifetime, so we have to be efficient with our energy by becoming aware of who and what inspires us to create our life. Trust yourself through your feelings, especially the heart. And have faith you are being led on the right path. That is grace working through you to create something that is worthwhile where you feel like you are living life. Keep me posted. Bless, LL

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