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Angel Message for April: I see an angel dance, freely, to the music. With no set plan, no agenda, no expectations, or no choreography, she is like a child who moves to the music through her feelings. She is moved by grace. And the more she gets into the dance it only increases her enthusiasm and joy. This, of course, gives permission for others to join her in the dance ~ in the same space of joy. While the angels dance together, they move to their own beat, nonetheless, they are enjoying the same flow. Important thing that I see is that no one is judging the other, they simply enjoying themselves, each other, in the dance. Your month is about to shape up this way, allowing grace to move you from the place you feel. And while in that space, you’ll feel more enthusiasm and joy emerge. Others, like-minded, will join you too, but sharing from their strength.. I have a sense this message involves a creative project, project with work, and/or includes something you’ve been put on the burner and feel now is the time to just do it. Keep me posted. Bless, LL

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