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Conversations with spirit ~ Messages of Love Story by Lynn:

My 93-year-old mother has been having non-stop conversations with spirit. I am listening to her now as I write to you. She sleeps and talks all the time. When I ask her who she’s talking to in her sleep, she can’t remember. Today, she tells her physical therapist how delighted she was to have her sister come to visit. I ask if she meant, Emma or Lilly, and she says, “Lil.” She surprised herself for even mentioning it. The conversations are always about her going with whomever on a faraway trip. She says, “no, you go on without me.” Then she listens, laughs, and says well, “I’m taking care of real well…I have this nice room.” Spirit is trying to coax her into passing. All this has happened since she hit her head falling. The medical professionals said she was all right with the test. There is no physical reasoning unless she had a mini-stroke, but they ruled it out too. I talked to her doc’s nurse, and they’re going to get back to me Monday about future treatment options. The insurance covers only a few more weeks of therapy. I don’t see her recovering; she is regressing instead of progressing. It’s going to take a miracle given her current state, but I’m worried that she’s preparing to transition.  

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